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This website is about the forest we ecologically manage and the sustainable products we create from our timber.

I’m Kristo Dawson. I’ve been working with wood all my life –planting, tending, carving and building. I set up Shawbrook Wood in 2010.

Forestry and sustainable energy product has always been a passion, but my journey really began 15 years ago when we converted our family farm here in the midlands of Ireland, from dairy pasture into a hardwood forest. Within just a decade the forest had matured and we had to start thinning and tending. Modern plantations are planted very densely to promote straight and vigorous growth. As time goes by the finest trees are selected and the adjacent ones get culled. Is that cruel? No, not in the slightest as the thinned out wood now gets a new lease of life, being transformed into the products we sell, while simultaneously protecting the forest through sustainable management.

Some of you may already know us here at Shawbrook from our  Shawbrook Dance Centre which has been run here on the farm since 1983. There’s info on the dance courses, studio rentals or retreats in the forest cabins here.


Leinster Farm Forestry Merit Award 2013

Leinster Farm Forestry Merit Award 2016

Our commitment to you

At Shawbrook Wood we really value and appreciate your custom. We make every effort to give you the best service and products we possibly can. The way we reassure you of our honesty and integrity is by offering you a no quibbles 30 day returns policy if you are not happy with any of our products whatsoever. We appreciate all feedback so we can keep on improving your experience as a customer.