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Romanian Forestry

These are a few pics of the beautiful Beech and Pine forests of Transylvania. It's very interesting to see how this mix of trees works perfectly together in this environment. 
Romania has a very strong tradition of forestry and wood work. Most villages in forested areas have at least one small scale local sawmill which the locals buy their fencing posts and other materials from. It keeps money and product value in the community. The timber is cut on the hillsides, then drawn down with winch forwarders in the full length to the road side. Brought by tractor and trailer to the small sawmill up the road and then made into products such as pailings for fences people to use in the valley. Some traditions are worth revisiting as the same thing use to happen here in Legan up until relatively recently. There's something fundamentally pleasing in being able to look at some construction timber or furniture and knowing that the timber came from a particular nearby place. Much in the same way people are now trying to source food directly from the producer as they would have not so long ago.
These are the European Bison that are being bred beside the incredible Oak forest near Targu Neamt. They are being held and looked after here so they can be reintroduced into the forest itself to roam wild and free. One last point that I can confirm with shoe sticking certainty is that Bears definitely do their business in the woods!

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