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New Season ahead and lots of projects!

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After one of the most miserable Irish summers on history the best one can take of it is that the trees have grown quite well, particularly the oak. I’ve measured a few test oak trees a month ago and I’ll measure them again in a year to see what the diameter growth has been. From that I can get an indication of diameter growth to see whether that stand of trees are getting a bit crowded for their size and plot. I also use visual indications like the crown cover and their general health.

I have lots of new interesting projects this season coming online. As mentioned previously I have my new Logosol chainsaw mill and having been playing and planking with it for the last 6 months. Learnt lots from using it and have made a variety of quirky things.

Projects on the go are

  • Kenyan beehives
  • half log candle holders
  • wooden place mats
  • Reindeer’s 
  • Plank keys holders
  • Waney edge cladding
  • and of course firewood

I’ll post more on the individual items/projects/forestry jobs as I tackle them for the coming months. Please leave a comments. It’s great to get feed back and if you have an inquiries please drop me a call or email.

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