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Happy Christmas to one and all, 

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year.

These Reindeer just made it on time for Christmas eve!

Next year their friends are going to be arriving on mass and they'll all need homes!!

The timber is Larch, Hazel and Ash, naturally all from our forest.

The next 8 months are going to be very busy and I hope to try and keep you updated with the weekly goings on here. A lot of plans have been discussed and I will have some new products online in the next six weeks. In the mean time thinning will continue with a build up of Lumber and firewood for next season. The two major areas we are thinning presently are the Larch stand I showed you earlier and the other is the naturally reseeded Ash, which grows phenomenally. I’ll show you what I mean about the Ash in the first week of January.

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