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This is the Shawbrook-wood top bar beehive


There's some seriously good product karma going on around Shawbrook!

We've made the beehive from Larch that has been sustainably harvested, planked, dried and constructed in-situ here at Shawbrook. This is a demo model that was ordered by a customer but we hope that there will be more interest in it and in top bar beehives for years to come. 

The winter door is hinged and there's a landing pad for the bees. 

This is the inside of the hive which you access by lifting off the roof

You can see the follower board and the top bars with the starter combs.

The whole system is very simple for the user and more importantly healthier for the bees.

We will be soon going into production of these and taking pre-orders for spring.

For more information on top bar beehives check

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