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Big Boy!

Firewood Regenerated Ash

A 12-13 year old naturally regenerated Ash tree in a Beech stand

This tree was felled because it was killing off the Beech trees around it. Usually Beech don't mind being a bit over shaded but due to the quantity and size of Ash regeneration I'm having to cut down quite a few to give the beech a chance. Of course I do leave the odd good quality Ash in among the Beech for diversification which is very healthy for a forest. The timber from this tree will be used for Firewood. In another few years it would have been planked but it would have needed another 4 years at the rate it was growing and it would have killed quite a few Beech in the process. 
I'll be doing more of this work for next year and it's tough going. I hope it will secure the long term future of the forest and it's permanent cover. It's really a long term thinking/Low return task but the environmental credentials of the firewood couldn't be better as it's regenerated naturally, low impact harvested, and Irish.

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