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Hiding a Breeze block wall with Waney Edge Larch

Larch waney edge

A customer has kindly given me permission to show his photos of a job he undertook using Shawbrook woods waney edge Larch.

This is the wall he wanted to disguise before cladding

Breeze block wall before cladding The larch was screwed to 50 x 35 treated battens, at 400 centres, fixed with Express nails. Minimum overlap of 20mm. He also treated the Larch with a Shou Sugi Ban method by charring it with a blow torch. This is a Japanese system to seal the timber and adds a very attractive charred effect. With hindsight the customer mentioned that if he was doing the charring again he would have done it before placing it on the wall. 

Shou sugi Ban

And the finished product

The customer is very happy with the results of his work and as you can see it's a very neat job that vastly enhanced a raw breeze block wall. He also bought some dimensional 5x2 Larch for a jetty placed on a small lake on the same property. 

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