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axe Axe Handle

Here's another curiosity Axe given to me to re-handle from Roland Flower AKA The Saw Doc.  It turns out to be a Helko Werk Axe head from Deutschland. Very unusual Axe eye. The model (best estimate) is a Black-forest carpenters axe with a medium length handle that is extremely difficult to get in Ireland soooo I made one! 

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3.5lb Axe

Axe Handle

We Really like old Axe heads. (Donations welcome!)  This one just got a tidy up and a new handle yesterday. Looking forward to giving it a go today. 3.5lb is a nice size. You can split timber, sned or whack a wedge.  The axe handles are normally made of Hickory but you can use Ash or Elm also. I'd love to try make one out of Shawbrook Ash and see how it works! Hmmm if I could just borrow a copy lathe! The kiln and saw shed construction hasn't started yet but I hope to start very soon and to...

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