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Big Boy!

Firewood Regenerated Ash

A 12-13 year old naturally regenerated Ash tree in a Beech stand This tree was felled because it was killing off the Beech trees around it. Usually Beech don't mind being a bit over shaded but due to the quantity and size of Ash regeneration I'm having to cut down quite a few to give the beech a chance. Of course I do leave the odd good quality Ash in among the Beech for diversification which is very healthy for a forest. The timber from this tree will be used for Firewood. In another few years it would have been...

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Bark Up or Bark Down?

Firewood Norwegian Stacking timber turf

This question divides Norwegian opinion. It relates to when you dry firewood and which way you should stack it, bark up or bark down.  On Facebook I posted the New York Times article based on the 8 hour program broadcast in Norway of a fire burning in which 1 million Norwegians tuned into watch (for a while at least!). The biggest controversy caused was not the 8 hour program showing a fire burning but which way timber should be stacked! But in an Irish context here in Legan (Irish Midlands) people get very opinionated about Turf stacking and drying. Which...

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Some FAQ's on Stoves and firewood

FAQ Firewood Firewood moisture Kiln dried Stoves Wet firewood

People occasionally have questions on stoves and firewood. Here's some general info:   What’s a suitable place for a stove and what size of stove should I buy? A stove placed in the middle of a room naturally transfers convectional heat more evenly. This is an interior design situation which doesn’t suit everyone but it’s worth thinking about where your stove is going to be placed in relation to the area you want it to heat. Convectional air heat transfer is a lot cheaper than expensive plumbing. As a rule of thumb you need one kw per 14 cubic meters of space...

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Firewood moisture %

firewood Moisture level moisture meter Sustainable forestry

Hardwood Firewood Moisture Level. Below 20% is Excellent.

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New Season ahead and lots of projects!

candle holders firewood forest management forestry Kenyan beehives Sustainable forestry trees wood wooden place mats

After one of the most miserable Irish summers on history the best one can take of it is that the trees have grown quite well, particularly the oak. I’ve measured a few test oak trees a month ago and I’ll measure them again in a year to see what the diameter growth has been. From that I can get an indication of diameter growth to see whether that stand of trees are getting a bit crowded for their size and plot. I also use visual indications like the crown cover and their general health. I have lots of new interesting...

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