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New Season ahead and lots of projects!

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After one of the most miserable Irish summers on history the best one can take of it is that the trees have grown quite well, particularly the oak. I’ve measured a few test oak trees a month ago and I’ll measure them again in a year to see what the diameter growth has been. From that I can get an indication of diameter growth to see whether that stand of trees are getting a bit crowded for their size and plot. I also use visual indications like the crown cover and their general health. I have lots of new interesting...

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New projects

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This photo was taken earlier in the year and shows us extracting some larch from the forest. The larch was originally planted as a nursery crop between lines of oak to promote straight growth. In time the larch excelled in the quality soil and started to out grow the oak (now at over 11 meters height after 14 years!). We had to thin every 2nd line four years ago and now we’re taking out every second tree from the remaining lines. It should eventually look like a mixed stand of larch and oak rather than the original plan of just...

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