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Larch Thinning to Larch Hut Part II

Hut Larch

Following on from the previous blog here's how the Changing room/hut turned out.  This is the front. We'll put some barn doors on it when we get a chance! The Gable The inside with benches and pegs If you'd like to build your own Larch hut or would like to use our Larch cladding please get in contact or purchase here

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Larch thinning to Larch Hut

Hut Lar

Harvesting oct 2016 Forwarding in March 2016 Planking with Bandsaw (not Larch in pic!) Dimensional Larch timber  Waney Edge Cladding Simple concrete pad footings Hip roof using leftover galvanized ties instead of bird mouths Taking shape.  Cladding going up More pics to follow in next blog. 

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