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Hiding a Breeze block wall with Waney Edge Larch

Larch waney edge

A customer has kindly given me permission to show his photos of a job he undertook using Shawbrook woods waney edge Larch. This is the wall he wanted to disguise before cladding  The larch was screwed to 50 x 35 treated battens, at 400 centres, fixed with Express nails. Minimum overlap of 20mm. He also treated the Larch with a Shou Sugi Ban method by charring it with a blow torch. This is a Japanese system to seal the timber and adds a very attractive charred effect. With hindsight the customer mentioned that if he was doing the charring again...

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Larch Thinning to Larch Hut Part II

Hut Larch

Following on from the previous blog here's how the Changing room/hut turned out.  This is the front. We'll put some barn doors on it when we get a chance! The Gable The inside with benches and pegs If you'd like to build your own Larch hut or would like to use our Larch cladding please get in contact or purchase here

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Diamond Trellis

Handmade Larch Trellis

Larch Diamond Trellis A diamond trellis is a great way to add interest to an area of a garden. These are made of Larch timber and custom made to order. The timber can be rough or planned, treated or untreated and made to fit almost any situation. 

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beehive bees Comb guides follower boards Larch Top bar beeive

This is the Shawbrook-wood top bar beehive   There's some seriously good product karma going on around Shawbrook! We've made the beehive from Larch that has been sustainably harvested, planked, dried and constructed in-situ here at Shawbrook. This is a demo model that was ordered by a customer but we hope that there will be more interest in it and in top bar beehives for years to come.  The winter door is hinged and there's a landing pad for the bees.  This is the inside of the hive which you access by lifting off the roof You can see the...

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Winter Larch felling

felling firewood Larch

A snowy day in the forest felling some quite large 15 year old larch  

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